WOOHOO~~~ The weekend is here~~~~ im so excited~~~ but like... i have chinese school tomorrow morning.... sucks to be me~ xDDD
luckily the day after that i'll be going out with a few friends and just gonna chill in the city~

sooooo~ today i was supposed to have a science test but it was posponed cuz we'll be missing a double on Monday and we'll do it there~ a friend will be helping me with studying on Sunday cuz im hopeless with science xDDD

dammittt i dunno what else to say.... ahh well~~~ thats all for now i guess xDDD



So the party was pretty fun. but unfortunatly.... Zoey was very retarded and forgot to take pics after she arrived and only relized that on the last minute... I have a pic of myself while i was walking to the party tho...

Pics from Beth's 16th "Villan's Revenge" Birthday Party~

The only pic i took during the party.
Shes the birthday girl and she was dressing as Cruela~
u might not be able to see but she actually had the left side of her hair black and white on the right just like Cruela~ it was awesome <333


The Death Note i made~
Its actually my chinese notebook......


I was gonna go back to the boarding house alone... good that a few friends offered to walk me back if not i'd be in trouble...
There were 3 men walking towards us and saying "Where are u guys off to"
i was holding onto my friend cuz i was so scared...

They even said "Hey boy" to my guy friend... i only found out justnow while i was talking to him on facebook...
gawd it was scary...


"Raizochu. You guys still together?"

Some people have been asking me, is Raizochu (Rai, Michy and me) still together? or are u guys broken up?

The truth is, we're still together but we've just been extremely busy and didnt have the time to record anything or update our blog or what so ever. I actually wanted to update the blog awhile ago but forgot the password and just got the password back from Michy this morning...

I'll be updating Raizochu blog on Sunday since i'll be free <333
Need to find something interesting to update about.... maybe me singing while playing the guitar? is that insteresting enough? nahh~ i'll take lots of photos tomorrow night during a friend's Dress up birthday party~

I'm going as Amane Misa from Death Note~ I wont be wearing the exact same thing but i'll have my hair done like her's~

I probablly should start making a Death Note today since i left my Death Note notebook in Hong Kong lol that Death Note is like an ancient artifact. It's been 3 years since i got it and yet it's still perfectly new and empty xDDD

Thats all for now~ I'm off to enjoy the rest of my day singing while playing the guitar~ wahahaha~ <333


New Blog~

Hey guys~ I'm back to blogging~ and I thought, my old blog was in the name of my old YouTube channel, why not make a new one since this is a total new start?

I just came back from school and is SUPER tired but luckily Japanese class was entertaining (had Japanese at the last 2 periods).

This is just to sorta open up my new blog so I'll write more once I'm free (probablly tomorrow)~

btw~ i made this today but i couldnt see it cuz my school's internet is crap (i live in the school / boarding house when I'm in Australia). I wonder what it looks like...... you guys would be able to see it but i wont so I'mma just post this here and look back when i get home back in Hong Kong.... 2 months.....

Click here to make a Dream Selfy!


Hey guys I'm Zoey and welcome to my blog~ <333


Date of Birth: 19.05.1995
Country: Hong Kong
Current Location:
Melbourne, Australia

Got questions for me? Feel free to ask them down here in the box~

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