Watch carefully what u say when ur lying, bitches.

Hence the title, this is going to be one of my ranting posts but i will be thanking a really awesome person as well.

Who would be stupid enough to jinx what the say?

The answer is the bitches that thinks they can control what others do. Not being considerate and wants the best for themselfs without even trying and expect to get it.

If u want something, earn it. Not boss people around hoping they would give it up to u.

I didnt even bother arguing because u bitches arent worth my time.


This is y i love this girl. Shes amazing and cracks me up all the time with her cheerfulness <333 She has always been there for me to listen to my rants and help me release all my stress and anger. I love you so much gurrrlll, i'm so fortunate to have u as one of my besties <333

To u bitches, i might seem like a nobody but the truth is, ur the true nobody / loser. As least i have a life and REAL friends to hang out with and i get invited to join stuff instead of living in a group of people who are only friends cuz they HAVE to be friends.

Why not spend ur time doing something nice instead of talking about people behind their backs?

Life is short, u WILL regret doing all these low things someday. Gossiping and back stabbing wont get u anywhere.

Since im a nice person, i WILL forgive u guys for all the unconsidering things u said and done to me just cuz u are not important enough to be hated by me. Afterall, the more hate the more love right? I dont love u so i wont hate you <333


A photo story of my life~

So im gonna start off with.....

the reason y im still alive.... its cuz of this.... Mocha xDDD


My love for Mocha cannot be described lol, its just my life. I love coffee <333
Even if Sasha wants to get bubble tea, i'll have to go get my coffee xDDD

Speaking of which~ Sasha is my bestie is Australia~ Shes half Australian, half Malaysian~


Its chocolate icing on her finger, we got free choco cake from her friend lol
this picture was taken because we wanted to show a friend what he's missing out on for not comming with us after school xDDD

we often get told that we look identical from the back~ Just cuz we have the same hairstyle lol (WOOT for a picture of us without makeup lol)


This is how i usually dress when i go out~


going through that same path i have to walk through everyday. This is the way to the school which also shows one of the school buildings~


This is my usual hairstyle to school~


but i make it crazy when i go out xDDD



Hope u got to know me a little better 8DDD


TOMODACHI's Dubattle Royal Entry!!!

Please support us by Voting for us!



this isnt just for the competition. I want to dedicate this to all of our fans. I'm sorry that we havent uploaded anything as TOMODACHI in ages. It partly my fault cuz i cant record as much anymore since im in the school's boarding house in Australia sharing a room with others. I can only record when im back home in Hong Kong...

thanks to Dubattle Royal, we decided to sing this awesome but not well known Buono song!

So heres a shoutout to our fans, espically the ones who have been supporting us for a long time or even from the very beggining when we first started the group.

Thank you for all the support and we will do our best to produce more awesome dubs for u guys. I love you all <333



so awhile ago, the school decided to block me from going onto blogging sites, facebook, msn and other crap that i couldnt update anything... and in the end it turned out to be cuz i wasnt on the school surver.... but its all fixed now and im back! -dies-


sometimes people really, really annoy me. Okay example.
This one person always yell at people when they dun pay attension to something for like... a few seconds but when "it" (dun wanna say the gender) does it. "It" doesnt care about what others feel and keeps doing even if we nicely tell "it" not to.

Wouldnt that annoy u too? -shot-


Hey guys I'm Zoey and welcome to my blog~ <333


Date of Birth: 19.05.1995
Country: Hong Kong
Current Location:
Melbourne, Australia

Got questions for me? Feel free to ask them down here in the box~

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