Japanese Exchange Students || Thank you for 250 subscribers video!!!

As the title said, today 20 girls from our sister school in Nagoya, Japan arrived our school. I didnt apply for an exchange this year but i still got to hang out with with a few of the exchanges due to my friends hosting some of them.

We gave our exchanges a school tour which included Sasha bashing Justin Bieber, walking around the school forgetting how to say a few certain words to explain to the exchanges what do we do in that specific part of the school, etc.

After school we took them out to shops and to walk around and chill out~
Our students were... lets just say... not very talkative... which made things really difficult for us...
They couldnt speak or understand a lot of things in English so basically 90% of the time we were speaking in Japanese...

We did bring them to get Tim Tams and Vegemite~ They got the Tim Tams but not the Vegemite cuz Sasha and I told them that not many people outside Australia like them, also they would either LOVE it or HATE it and that the BOTH of us personally HATE it.

Our students didnt really like Jpop or Kpop which kinda dissapointed me cuz our student last year was crazy about Hey! Say! JUMP!. This year, our students likes Classical music instead... Not that im against it but i've had enough of Classical music in my life due to teachers making me sing Classical songs and stuff like that which got me annoyed xDDD

One of them did tell me that her older sister (in Japan) likes Vocaloid when i told her that i like Vocaloid xDDD

If you knew me irl, u would probablly notice im a very awkward person who also is pretty shy, totally opposite to what im like online so it was pretty hard for me to bring up things to say to them lol

Enough about the exchanges... SO MOVING ON! 8DDD


heres my 250 subs video lol~ enjoy~



Hey guys I'm Zoey and welcome to my blog~ <333


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