School wow! / Koibito wa SNIPER!

Im now a Year 12 (last year of high school)! WOW!
This seems so unreal! Awhile ago i was still Year 9...
People always say the older you are the more likely you'll lose track of time. ITS TRUE!!!
I always thought i wanna grow up but now i just wish i would stop growing up xD

Life as a young adult is hard! So much work! So much to do! Now i understand why dubbers at this age usually go on hiatus...

Talking about hiatus, I really miss Hinku (Hinaki from my Milky Star times). She just went poof one day and no one saw her again.
HINKU IF UR READING THIS I MISS UUUUU!!!!! You were one of my closest dubbing friends!!! Contact me when you have the time, ok? <333


And as some of you might know, I've joined Hana Project Dubs with the flower name, Suzuran (Lilly of the valley) awhile ago~
This is the 2nd song I've sang and mixed with the project and i hope you guys will check it out <333
YouTube Link! ***CLICK MEEE***


Hey guys I'm Zoey and welcome to my blog~ <333


Date of Birth: 19.05.1995
Country: Hong Kong
Current Location:
Melbourne, Australia

Got questions for me? Feel free to ask them down here in the box~

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