New Blog~

Hey guys~ I'm back to blogging~ and I thought, my old blog was in the name of my old YouTube channel, why not make a new one since this is a total new start?

I just came back from school and is SUPER tired but luckily Japanese class was entertaining (had Japanese at the last 2 periods).

This is just to sorta open up my new blog so I'll write more once I'm free (probablly tomorrow)~

btw~ i made this today but i couldnt see it cuz my school's internet is crap (i live in the school / boarding house when I'm in Australia). I wonder what it looks like...... you guys would be able to see it but i wont so I'mma just post this here and look back when i get home back in Hong Kong.... 2 months.....

Click here to make a Dream Selfy!

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Hey guys I'm Zoey and welcome to my blog~ <333


Date of Birth: 19.05.1995
Country: Hong Kong
Current Location:
Melbourne, Australia

Got questions for me? Feel free to ask them down here in the box~

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