My bed time is so messed up // Story time...? 8D

hehe as the title said, my bed time is sooooooo messed up right now lol
Yesterday i slept at 6am and the night before that i slept at 4am...
but i had fun talking to my lovely teddy bear (ShinRa) and butler (Flare)~

and if ur wondering why those people have those nicknames, its because we recently joined a chorus and we have character relationships~ I'm Shin's tree and i wanted a butler so Flare became my butler.

Well heres the story y Shin became my teddy bear and i became her tree. Shin and i "hug" a lot so she suggested that shes my koala and she hugs me as if im a tree. One day, my butler fed my koala some dead leaves and she became mutant. Soon after that she was transformed into a teddy bear... TADUH...? xDDD

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Kamen Rider FEVER! / Study day today!

yes, im a weird girl that watch Kamen Rider lmfao.
its not my fault tho, Kuuki was the one who got me into it
-throws arms into the air and runs off-

so far i've watched Kamen Rider W, Kamen Rider Kiva and Kamen Rider Decade (all including all the net movies + movies).

i wanna watch more but i cant find a series with working sendspace links =w="""
i have the sendspace toolbar so i can download the series in high speed for free 8D

I think im going for Kamen Rider OOO next cuz its the newest series which also means they will have new, working links xD

I still think my fav series is Kamen Rider W, Kiva comes right after. The only reason I'll say i like Decade will be cuz theres Kamen Rider Kivaara in it. I really think they should make a series for Kivaara, if not, at least a movie staring her.

Okay enough with all these Kamen Rider stuff =p


So today is a study day meaning we stay home and study for the exams (which starts tomorrow).

I finished all my Kamen Rider yesterday so that i hope i wont get distracted. Unfortunatly, i still couldnt get off my butt and go put myself in front of the books...

It's still 4:43pm at the moment, hopefully i'll get some studying done (which most likely wont happen) by the end of today.

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I've been so busy!

ahhhh... i've been so busy lately... havent update this blog in awhile now =3="""
but yea~ exam's comming in 2 weeks while im also rehearsing for a musical and a few other choirs...

I dun even know what to do anymore, im really bad at math and i think i'm gonna be screwed in the math exams... same with music cuz i cant do music theory...


I've been so stressed lately. Not just cuz of the exams, someone that i care about alot turned out to be... ugh... not even gonna talk about it cuz... yea...

i think i need a break from all these...


anyways~ heres a recent picture of me =ppp



DUBattle Royal 2nd Round Entry!!!

This was released a few days ago but i never got the time to blog about it.

So for DUBattle, 2nd round's theme was "Tag Team Trials"

Liana (one of the judges) had pulled out team names out of a hat 2 by 2 and from 16 teams we were made into 8 teams for this round.

It didnt matter who everyone's with because each team will be judged by its own even tho the entry is made by 2 teams.

For this round, only 10 teams will make it through.

Luckily for "TOMODACHI", we were paired with "Trike's Angels" and i have to say, they were the BEST team that we could ever have been paired up with. Eveyone were friendly towards eachother, no fights, no problems at all. We worked well together as if we were one team from the very beginning.

No one was forced to do anything they didnt want to do, we asked everyone what parts they wanted and not wanted to do, which part were they comfortable in singing and such. Harmonizing work were also volentary. The lovely Rebear (from Trike's Angels) did all of the harmonies for "Telephone" (originally by Lady Gaga) while Aura and Jenna (from TOMODACHI) did harmonies for "Bbiribbom Bberibbom" (originally by Co-ed School) and i did some for both.

Yes, we did a remix of those two VERY simular songs. "Telephone x Bbiribbom Bberibbom" and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we did recording and working on it.

Trike's Angels & TOMODACHI - Telephone x Bbribbom Bberibbom

If you liked it, please vote for "Trike's Angels + TOMODACHI" on the link below.
(please dont vote for us in all 3 places because we might get penalized)

Please click here to vote for us!


Back in Australia~

So yea, Im back to Australia!!! I was kinda excited to come back this time 8DDD Maybe cuz i actually have more friends in Australia than Hong Kong nowadays. I've already made plans to go out with a few friends before i even came back so im not worrying about getting bored~ <333

and heres a dub i uploaded before i flew back, hope u'll like it 8DDD

GUMI - きみにごめんね / Sorry to you


Hey guys I'm Zoey and welcome to my blog~ <333


Date of Birth: 19.05.1995
Country: Hong Kong
Current Location:
Melbourne, Australia

Got questions for me? Feel free to ask them down here in the box~

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